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Kozler's Team

Sam has extensive experience in traditional and digital marketing within the health and education sectors. 

She has a passion for writing and is the voice behind our name. 

Kozer's Team

Caron has 20 years industry experience in all aspects of design for marketing.
She has a passion for problem solving, and enjoys the satisfaction of creating campaigns that convert.

Kozler's Team

Zac is a serial Entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses succeed.


The Team
About Kozler Busiess Solutions
Why Kozler Business Solutions
passion comes from

Where our

Our Passion started from Zac's parents, who were hard working, small business owners. Together they owned an earthworks business based in Moranbah as well as the local Rural Supplies store. Being dedicated business owners they rarely took a day off, all for their shared dream of one day owning a cattle station.

This dream became a reality in 2011, purchasing a property near Collinsville, QLD; Sutherland Station.

In a sad turn of events, Zac's mother, Kym Kohler tragically lost her battle with cancer in late 2014 and things were never the same. The heartbreaking decision to sell Sutherland Station was made in early 2018.

Seeing the pain, sacrifice and stress that his parents went through for years to achieve their dream. Then when they could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel it was all ripped away. This made Zac realise how precious life is, it hardened his resolve to live life to the fullest and do as much as he can to make the world a better place.

Kozler is the realisation of that passion for business and the desire to help others to achieve their goals.

Kozler Busines Solutions

we were born

out of frustration

The second reason Zac started Kozler was out of frustration. After his mother passed away he took over the running of the family businesses, navigating through issues with the bank and the collapse of their local economy. He was completely new to business and leadership, to say it was a challenge would be an understatement. 

To get good help growing a business is incredibly difficult when you are starting out. There are plenty of companies that offer to assist you with growing your business and promise you growth and profit. Which at first sounds amazing until month after month you pay your money and then get a pretty report which makes no sense to you, and still the results you were promised never come.


Dealing with many of these companies was a source of immense frustration for Zac. It would start out well, with them taking a personal approach and offering to tailor their services, then once the contract was signed only to discover it was all just a sales pitch, and there was no substance to their promises.

After a while, he realised he was not going to find the assistance he was looking for by dealing with these people and paying far too much for the privilege. This furthered his drive to learn everything he could about business, finance and leadership. Not only to help his family, but also to create and lead businesses that would improve the world and help others. 

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