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Are you struggling to stand out and communicate your message?

We help you create a brand that reflects your values and resonates with your audience.

Is your business...

Brand image
Without a consistent look and feel
Target market analysis
Struggling to connect with its audience
Brand Positioning
Missing its unique place in the market
Brand clarity
Lacking clarity

Is it time for you to create a brand that your audience remembers?

Kozler Business Solutions Brand Identity chart
What is a brand?

A brand helps a person identify a business.

A great brand owns a piece of someones mind, allowing them to not only recognise the brand but understand what they do and their position in the market.

Elements of a great brand:

A brand is more than just a logo

To build a great brand, it needs to have not only great design that resonates with the audience but a clear message that positions its place in the market.

Give your business the identity it deserves

Kozler Business Soluions Branding Package
  • Style guide sheet

  • Persona research for your ideal customer

  • Social media profile, cover photos & post templates

  • Brand voice and messaging guide

Price: 50 points

Add on a Logo for an extra 21 points
Learn more about points

Business Branding Package 
Brand style guide

How we produce a great brand

The steps to creating a Brand are as follows.

1. Define your Business

2. Define your target market

3. Brand Position & USP (Attributes, benefits and beliefs)

4. Style sheet & Design

5. Brand Messaging

how we are different

We help you grow and reach your maximum potential by:
  • Taking a collaborative approach

  • Focusing on results and continuous improvement

  • Creating content with your target audience in mind

  • Having transparent pricing with no hidden fees

  • Not using confusing jargon

  • Taking a holistic approach

  • Not having lock in contracts

  • Giving you complete flexibility and control over where you money is spent

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Social Media 

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Web design

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Marketing & lead generation

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