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Frequently asked questions

How much do your services cost?

We work on a points based pricing model allowing you to be flexiable with your marketing spend. Click to find our pricing structure and product catalouge

Do you do Social Media Customer Service?

We can assist you to engage with your audience, however we feel that in order to build strong relationships with your customers a personal touch is required.

What is my involvement/Time Investment

It depends on what we are doing for you. Get in touch and we can discuss.

What is the length of contracts I have to sign?

We do not beleive in no lock in contracts. If you are a member you can cancel anytime with 35 days notice. If you have contracted us on a project basis you pay for the completion of that project. See our pricing structure for more information.

Do you outsource your work?

We have our own designers, copywriters and editors. The only time we would ever outsource is if we feel you would get better value for money. On these occasions we would discuss the process with you.

Will I receive progress reports and how often?

We will provide weekly and monthly reviews depending on your plan. You have access to a reporting dashboard that allows you to see live updates of your results.