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We have a tool kit of services

Our approach is different from the rest. We take a 360 degree look at your business to determine what you really need to succeed. We do this by not just building you a website that converts or creating you an outstanding marketing campaign. It’s about being with you every step of the way on your journey to make your dreams a reality. 

We offer a subscription service where you choose what you want us to work on each month.  Allowing you to get the most out of your monthly marketing budget. We want you to use our knowledge in Business Consulting, Marketing, Web creation and Content Creation to increase your customer value, increase your profit and decrease your stress.




No two businesses are the same.

So for that reason our processes are flexible to met your business needs. 

Here we outline how we work and adapt to your business needs.

Our Business Consulting Process

Our business consulting  offers a range of services, from

mentorship to business planning. When you first engage with Kozler we  start with the discovery process to get to know your business and goals, we create a plan, implement it and offer continuous support until you achieve success. 


We get to know your business and where you are at.

Meet Regularly

We offer ongoing support and advice as your business changes and grows.


Using tools such as our 
growth equation  we identify where we can help you achieve these goals.


We create a plan how we can partner with you to
achieve your goals.


We work with you to  execute your plan using our expertise in business, marketing and mentorship.

Our Marketing Process

Our team of marketing professionals, uses lead generation techniques and social media to target new and existing customers.
Creating campaigns which convert. We closely track your campaigns, continuously improving and refining as we go. 

Marketing agency Australia


We make amendments as we go.

 We analyse results continuously improving and refining as we go.  Learning to improve the strategy going forward.


We research your target audience and create a plan to target to reach them.

Then we evaluate the different channels and analyse which methods are best for achieving

campaign goals. 


We work closely with you to create a campaign that speaks to your audience and reflects your brand.


Your campaign is launched but we don't stop working here.


We closely monitor your campaign to ensure we get the engagement to met the campaign goals.

Our Web Creation Process

We work closely with you gathering your feedback every step of the way, to achieve a website that speaks to your market and converts into sales.

Websites australia


We get to know your business and goals for the website.


We work with you to define the scope of the website. Create a site map and gather content.


We begin the design process

by understanding your brand. To help create a look and feel that is right for your business. 


We work closely with you to build your site, keeping you in the loop and requesting feedback every step of the way.


Once your site is launched we

will train you to use your site, create blog posts and edit content.

Maintain & Grow

We offer ongoing support as your business changes and grows.

Our Content Creation Process

From videos to blog posts, lead magnets to email campaigns

our copywriters and designers are here help you create great content for your business.

Copwriting services Australia

We launch your content into
the world.

Take Brief
We work with you to gather a

brief for the content you require. 

Our copywriters, designers and

videographers get to work on your brief. 

You review and request any amends to the creative.

Download your copy of the
growth equation


Our growth equation looks at your business as a whole making small 

changes to increase the profitability of your business.


Growth equation
Growing your business