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  • Zac Kohler

6 features every online store must have to build trust and drive sales

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Do you have an online store? How are your sales going? With an increase in the number of dodgy online retailers out there, it can be hard to gain the trust of consumers. This often results in abandoned carts or websites views without a purchase. So, how do you gain the trust of consumers? Here are 6 features that every online store must have to build trust and drive sales.

1. About Us Section

It’s super important to have a fantastic about us section on your site. This allows a potential customer to put a face to the name and helps create a deeper connection between the customer and your business. Also, consider including a bit of history about your business and where you first started the business.

2. Returns Policy

Customers need to know what their options are if they want to return an item they purchased. By creating a clear returns policy, you will reduce any anxiety customers may have about purchasing online. Include a simplified version as well as the full policy on a separate page. See here for an example.

3. Sizing or Measurement Guides

This is incredibly important to help customers make their decisions whether to buy your product or not. No matter what you are selling: clothes, shoes or furniture, customers need to know the size of the product they are going to buy. This will ensure the product is the right fit for them and help to avoid any sizing fails. We've all seen some online shopping fails - enjoy.

4. Contact Information

This is self explanatory but just make sure you include your postage address and the physical location of your store, as well as phone number and email. Also, make sure your contact information is in the header and/or footer of your site. This will give customers confidence that your business is legit.

5. A How To Guide

Include a how to guide showing potential customers the best way to use your product. This will help them to imagine how they would use your product in their life. Ensuring they get the most out of the product which means happy customers. We know that happy customers become repeat customers and they will tell others about their experience.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Having a page where you can put answers to all your frequently asked questions will save you and your staff having to continually answer the same questions over and over again. Additionally, it will help put the customers mind at ease regarding certain questions they may have about your product.

There you have it, 6 features your online store must have to build trust and drive sales. If you don't have them all, get on it. Don't waste another day of potential sales.

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