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Kozler Memberships
Flexible marketing strategies
Point based pricing

our pricing is different

Are you paying for your agencies inefficiencies?

We believe in delivering results with clear and transparent pricing. 

Point Base Pricing

Point based pricing means that instead of purchasing specific services or hours you purchase points which can be allocated where ever you need. Allowing you to respond to changing circumstances.

Kozler Memberships

Flexibility and control

You have flexibility and complete control over where your money goes.
By simply reassigning points to a new priority. 

Transparent pricing

Set pricing & complete transperancy

No bill shock.
We believe in being transparent with the price of our services and that you should never pay for inefficiencies.  

Business planning

Easier forecasting & Planning

By knowing how much things are going to cost up front, makes it easier for you to plan and forecast.

Partnership Terms Overview

Cancel Partnership anytime with 35 days notice​​

Unused Points will be carried over to the next month

Kozler will provide a monthly report on all services delivered

At any time the client can add on extra points at there current point pricing

Kozle Business Solutions Membership

Kozler Partnership

With a Kozler Partnership you get free add on’s with higher tiered packages and discounted points.

Who is it for...

Businesses that want ongoing support and want to be able to respond to changing circumstances with ease.

Businesses that are serious about growing & improving.

Looking for a one off project? 

Find out more about one off projects here

Our Pricing


For small businesses primarily looking for support with their business strategy and marketing.

$3000 +GST

per month

20 points

1 hour strategy session per month



Primarily for Business & Marketing strategy development and execution.

$6000 +GST

per month

40 points

1 hour strategy session per month

Campaign monitoring & KPI scorecards

Monthly Reports

Industry analysis report



For medium sized businesses looking to take their business to the next level.


$12,000 +GST

per month

80 points

2 hour strategy session per month

Campaign monitoring & KPI scorecards

Weekly reports

Industry anlysis report

Monthly competitor monitoring



For enterprises looking to maximise growth and operational efficiencies.

$30,000 +GST

per month

200 points

2x 2 hour strategy session per month

Campaign monitoring & KPI scorecards

Weekly reports

Industry analysis report

Monthly competitor monitoring

Business review

Market research


Non of these work for you?
We can create a custom Package for your business

One Off Project Work

Do you have a one off project that you need done?

Get in touch to discuss your project. Project work is charged at $170 per point.

want to work with us

Find out how we can help you take your business to the next level